Some Of The Leading Mouth Thrush Treatments In Children

Thrush is a common infection for babies and toddlers because their immune system is not fully developed yet. We will go through some mouth thrush treatment options that can help.



Thrush in babies, infants and toddlers will generally clear up on its own within about 2 weeks. However their mouth can become really sore and they may eat less because of the pain, having said that here are some ideas that may help speed up the healing process. 



Mouth thrush in children (under 30 days old) can be treated with a prescription medicine Nystatin. The dose for babies is usually 0.5 ml four times a day whereas older infants and toddlers should receive 1 ml. Mouth thrush treatments normally go on for 7 to 10 days doing it at least 3 days past the last time you see any signs of thrush.



Diflucan is another prescription medication that you only have to do once a day in an oral suspension and it tends to be a little more effective than Nystatin. However it is a strong medication and may not be necessary for a mild infection plus it's expensive.



If you’re feeling like a home remedy you could try Gentian Violet. It's tried and true and has been around forever, just be warned this stuff will stain purple anything, carpet, your hands, tile, the family dog, I do mean anything. It is just not a good option for me just way to messy.



100% pure virgin coconut oil has some great benefits as a home remedy. It's a natural immune booster which is perfectly safe for babies and easily digestible. If the mother spreads a small amount on her nipples before and after breast feeding it can stop the spread of thrush. Only bad part is it's sorta pricey you might find it cheaper online than at your local grocery store.



Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar is another great home remedy. Yeast cannot grow in a vinegar rich environment so applying a small amount on the breast before and after breast feeding can be a good mouth thrush treatment.



One of the easiest treatments for the mother to keep from spreading candida is to simply expose the breast to sunlight for a few minutes a couple of times a day. Candida loves the dark damp places and it just cannot handle sunlight not even for a few minutes. Wearing loose cotton shirts during breast feeding can also be a big help.