A candida infection is a very common thing. Most of us don’t realize just how common. I think many people hear yeast infection and automatically think it pertains to a woman.

 This couldn’t be farther from the truth, actually a lot of us probably had a candida infection early on in life with Thrush.

Women like me do suffer more later on in life from candida infections like vaginal yeast infections but men will suffer more from candida infections like athlete’s foot and skin infections.

Candida bacterial lives in all of us naturally, so gender is really not the issue here. I feel like men just ignore their symptoms and don’t try to cure their infections until it gets out of control.

 Women on the other hand tend to be more in touch with their bodies and try to cure their infections much sooner.

Not to mention there is a big difference between a vaginal yeast infection and athlete’s foot.

Regardless of which type of candida infection you have the best way to cure any yeast infection is to kill all the candida in your entire body.

It’s the simple truth that no doctors seem to tell you.

3/20/2017 03:45:56 pm



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